Monday, March 19, 2007

Clean up the studio - and FAST

Nothing to kickstart a cleaning bee in my "studio" like having the furnace repairman come by for a little maintenance visit! Doesn't that make sense to you? Becuase when I say studio, you probably think something along the lines of this fabulous one. My truth is sadly, far from that!!

My sewing space, which I fondly term my studio, is really wedged in between the dryer and the hot water tank in my laundry room - I guess that's convenient! I do have a large armoire overflowing with fabric, and a giganto cutting table that (in theory) folds up into the wall. Right now it is loaded down with piles of fabric and other sewing paraphernalia. Look closely at the picture on the right to see the handle of a screwdriver. I know, what is that doing amongst my fabric? Couldn't tell you.

So this morning, knock on the door bright and early. It's the furnace guy, come to check the furnace.

Me: Are you going to be checking the hot water tank? (please say no, please say no, please say no...)
Him: Of course!
Me: Okay, great! (CRAP!)

I contemplated taking a picture of the entire area, but decided it would be too humiliating, maybe after the big cleaning spree. And besides, I need to vamoose and find the hot water tank under piles of fabric! Oh, and hop in the shower!


modkidboutique said...

Hey Becky! Congrats on starting your own blog... I was late in the game too. Oh, and don't feel bad: most of us don't have studios like Heather's. I think you pretty much have to be a famous designer to get a fabulous space like that! Let's just keep dreaming and ogling.... LOL!


Becky said...

OMG, be still my beating heart - my first comment! Thanks so much Patty!

One day, I will have a studio like that, right now I try to appreciate the space I have. And the dryer throws off a nice heat, so I guess it's okay!

Thanks so much for the comment! REALLY!!


Anonymous said...

hey Becky :) I still don't have a blog, so you're not the last person anyway :p As far the room, your products are so incredibly pretty, I don't think it matters where you work. You can pull beauty out of any space at all!
Have fun writing and sewing :)

Sandi said...

Ahh..the first real post! You will soon be addicted, I'm warning you! I think everyone is in that spring cleaning mode-I'm cleaning up my studio too!

teri said...

hey! i am cleaning mine too! i think heather bailey has inspired us all to quit working in the dungeon! LOL....
love your blog, becky-jayne...i have yet to start one, but hopefully soon.
LOVE! your new set, too.