Thursday, September 27, 2007


Anyone out there?

Sorry I've been a very bad, absent blogger of late! Life gets busy, and somehow my blogging, as much as I enjoy is not something that I am good at keeping up with! I wasn't very good at keeping a journal either - I have all these old journals from when I was was a kid, with only 3 or 4 pages of writing in them.

This baby has been cooking for 28 weeks now, and I've been growing at a crazy rate! I have been feeling big, and having people ask me daily "Are you due yet?" has added to the feeling. Finally, I was measured, and I am in fact, REALLY BIG. I am measuring 36 weeks!! No wonder I am waddling, growing out of clothes, and having people look at me funny! I have to have an ultrasound to see what's going on in there, because for my uterus to grow 11 cm in 4 weeks...not so normal.

On the design front, I have a new Christmas set up on eBay for the launch celebrating my friend Jen's fabric website, FabricBliss. The fabrics are all available on her site, and I have another set I am trying to get done for the launch - but truthfully I can barely reach the sewing machine past this monstrous tummy!

Click here to see the set.

Click here to see the whole launch.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Cotton Candy + Popcorn + Fake udders = SO MUCH FUN!

This weekend we were BLEEDING money - ever have one of those? Even though we went to a Greek Festival last night, and we celebrated our 6th Anniversary on Sunday, in style with dinner and a movie, our Saturday at the Saanich Fall Fair would have to be the highlight! Here are some pictures, enjoy!

The kids and I on our first ride of the day, the Merry-go-round of course! What you call it a carousel?

Think they had fun on the roller coaster?

She usually goes for a butterfly, so this was a new one!

My butterfly and I.

F learned how to milk a cow. I did my best not to think of how many grubby hands had been on those fake teats. *shudder*

My favorite picture from the day. And about the most fun ride I could go on in my baby-carrying state!

I couldn't believe S was tall enough to go on this VERY big kid ride all by herself!! She has assured me she wasn't scared AT ALL. Uh-huh.

Near the end of our day, F couldn't walk anymore!

The view of the fair from the parking lot, er, farmer's field.

Thanks so much for sharing! Happy first day of school!!