Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Woohoo! Cat Pee!!

My sweet kitty Oscar is sick. He is 8 years old, and has been in perfect health his whole life - but after a few days of severe lethargy, we took him to the vet Sunday afternoon. She hospitalized him because of his sever dehydration and ran a slew of tests on him, none of which revealed much about what was making him sick.

We decided to bring him home last night. We are feeding him with a syringe and giving him oral antibiotics, which explains his dirty mouth in the picture. Last night was rough, I prepared myself for the worst. Cried myself to sleep for the first time in years.

But this morning, Matt woke me up because Oscar had hopped into bed with us and was purring on my pillow. I fed him by syringe this morning, and he took about 30 mL. But the BIG news is that I just took him to his litter box, and he had a big pee! The first one since he came home, which is GREAT! Then he went to his food dish and ate some of his dry food!

I have to believe there's hope for him to recover or else I'll become a blubbering mess.

At least I have TV to distract me now. Remember this post? Well, we're weak. Thanks to a new satellite on the roof, we have about a billion more channels than before - which ain't so good. But I did watch American Idol at 5:00 last night!!

I'm also working really hard on my custom orders right now. I have a beautiful new design up on eBay right now, too. Take a look here.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Can we live without TV?

This sucks!!

Officially, we never ordered cable at this house when we moved in last December. We weren't going to order it - but when we hooked our TV up, lo and behold, FULL CABLE! But last night when I turned the TV on at 8:00 to watch Lost, it was a black screen! I frantically flipped through channels, and just about cried when I realized there were no network channels. We get a few really random channels, but nothing worthwhile. I didn't get to watch Lost, and my husband was really ticked he didn't get to watch the first Canucks playoff game! WAH.

We aren't a major TV watching family. Us grown-ups have a repertoire of about 5 shows we like to watch, the rest of the evening is spent doing other things. The kids watch 2 shows on CBC in the morning: Lunar Jim and Curious George. The kids LOVE these guys, we even went to see them when they came here live! Then the TV is off all day. But those 2 shows in the morning are pretty freaking important! That's when I check my email, read blogs, have a shower, drink coffee, basically become human. They are watching Barney right now on a random channel, which has me almost ready to crack.

We can't call the cable company to ask what's going on, because we don't officially have cable! So now we need to ask ourselves whether or not we want to order it. The proverbial shoulder sitters are having an argument:

NO: TV doesn't enrich my life - it's a time sucker.
YES: I really love my shows! I deserve some down time and to enjoy adult shows!
NO: Set a good example for the kids.
YES: TV can be educational.
NO: It's an extra $50 a month, where is that going to come from?
YES: Got me there...

I'm thinking it's going to be no. Spring is here after all (even though it's bloody hard to tell) and we can be accomplishing so much more. I know I will get way more sewing done if I don't have the TV to distract me. I still have the internet anyhow.
SIGH* I guess it's a done deal.
Even though it's hard, I'm still hanging tough in Use What You Have month, and will be participating in the eBay launch on April 30. 
I'm also restocking my Blossom Street Shoppe tonight - hopefully I'll have some separates I'm working on up there - they are soooo cool, I can't wait to share them.
I've thrown some spring pictures of my kiddos in this post, just for my own encouragement, bear them please.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Amazing Easter Bunny Presents

Not only did the Easter Bunny brought the girls chocolate eggs and stuffed puppies, he brought me a surprise present, too! And let me tell you, that Easter bunny is one amazing present giver!

Yep - that's a positive pregnancy test!! I'm pregnant!! WOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO! We have been trying for a third for 6 months now, and I cannot explain how happy our house is right now! Baby will be born in early December! Can you believe it?

Just so you know - that is a stock photo up there - like I was going to take a picture of a urine soaked plastic stick. I'm not a sentimental girl.

I also wanted to share a picture of a custom order I made for a great customer. I love how it turned out, a sort of reinvention of a past design. It is on the way to her now, and I hope she adores it!

Friday, April 6, 2007

My Husband, the Bad Ass

Granted, you may not have thought my husband Matt a bad ass had you met him yesterday morning. You see, yesterday, that 3 inch tattoo over on the right; that was on his shoulder. Yes, that is Barney Rubble on a Bedrock Tricycle Motorcycle (like that makes it tougher, Matt). He regrets getting it, but sadly can only claim he was young when he got it 11 years ago. Under the heavy influence of Miami Ink he decided to get it covered up.

Check him out, now. Isn't he the coolest Koi sporting dad you ever saw?

He loves his tattoo, and so do I. The detail on it is incredible, and it is just so striking! He says had to sit through three four hours of excruciating pain, and it was completely worth it. The tattoo was either going to be a mermaid, or a Koi, but once Matt learned about the legend of the Koi, that sealed the deal.

Now it's on to the care of the tattoo, which is much like that of a newborn baby:

Wash with Ivory soap 3-5 days per day.
Moisturize with unscented lotion frequently.
Make sure there isn't too much nasty brown stuff.
Do not expose to sun.

That last one made it more than a little difficult to enjoy today; the first day it actually felt like spring around here!

We had a glorious day, mostly outside; the park, the yard, the flowers, the smells. It was just an amazing day - one that makes you feel happy just by breathing. I managed to snag a few pictures of a new outfit I'm working on, so that made it great too! Check out Sydney's hard core tattoo, too ;) Just like Daddy!

Have a great Easter weekend!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Hit me baby, one more time

Because my passion is in creating new things, I have a self-imposed production limit of 3. That is to say that I typically will recreate a design a maximum of 3 times; however, what's that cliche?

Production limits are meant to be pliable.

Or something like that.
I have relisted my two Fresh Bliss designs for the amazing Material Girls launch using the Fresh Cut line of fabric. This will be the very, super, absolute last time I am making these - so get 'em while they're hot. I get inquiries nearly every week about them, and Heather Bailey, herself, complimented the dress!

Click here to see the auctions!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

That's "Queen Princess" to you!

My girls were playing dress-up, and wanted me to join in, so I busted the wedding dress out of the closet for the first time in almost 6 years! I don't know what reaction I was expecting from them, but they didn't fall over at the sight of my beauty - perhaps because I couldn't zip the thing up, nor could I fill out the bodice.

*Sigh* Bubble bursted by bouffant bridal gown.

I always thought I would still fit into my wedding gown, but having two babies and breastfeeding for what felt like 22 years has taken a toll on my hot bod. No big deal - I still had fun dancing, twirling, and preening in my wedding dress. The girls called me "Queen Princess" so I'm going to take that and run with it. I think I need to find an excuse to take my dress out of the dungeon more often.

On another note, I am joining my buddy Gyl in her month-long self-appointed restriction. Which means....I will only be using the fabrics I have in my uber-stash this month. No matter how mouth watering the new fabrics are, they will not change my life, and purchasing them will not solve anything. I may sneak a few pieces of this line when I can find it - but that's between you and I, okay? Care to join me in Use What You Have Month?