Thursday, January 24, 2008

Oh happy day

Winter is NOT my season. I am a warm weather gal, and the cold frostiness of late makes me GRUMPIFIED!! Thank god for the recent appearance of snowdrops around here. I'd guesstimate we have about 5000 on our property - love them :) Love them even more since I saw Stardust. Think I'd get funny looks if I walked around with a snowdrop on my coat?

Life with the girls is copacetic right now, too. The three of them still love each other, and today Lilah started smiling!! Not that I caught one on camera yet, but we did have a mini photo shoot :)

Saturday, January 12, 2008

In pictures

A run down of my last 4 months in pictures:

Fall came, and brought leaf piles...

...and a monkey and a pumpkin to trick or treat!

My family of 4 waited patiently to become a family of 5. This picture was taken on my induction date, on which no actual induction happened.

Lilah was eventually born....

...on the same day I was born 29 years before.

December came, and we celebrated Fiona's 3rd birthday.
We rang in the new year by building an igloo!

That brings us to January. and up to date. Life is back to chaos around here!!

Friday, January 11, 2008

So much to update

Holy carp - my last blog post was September 27? That is terrible!! I am so sorry!!

I have had several people emailing asking how I am, and how baby is - I have to apologize for my blog-absence! Check out the picture at right, where I am measuring 45 weeks (at 37 weeks), needless to say, my pregnancy got kinda miserable at the end there, and I cocooned myself in our house. Before I blather on too much, let me do the important stuff:

Lilah Kate was born November 27th (also my birthday), 2007. She is now 6 weeks old, and doing so great!! She looks quite different than her sisters, and her personality is just starting to emerge. She is quite mellow, and growing so well!! She is a joy, and I couldn't feel happier to have her around! (Gosh my boobs just filled up with milk with that emotional gushiness!!)

Her sisters are proud to be the big girls and have fallen into that role so well! I am so thankful they have each other, they have a very special, loving relationship, those two. Barring the occasional fight over Polly Pockets, they are best buds and it warms my heart whenever they hug each other.

Far down on the list of priorities...I have been on design hiatus for a few months now, but am starting to get the design itchies. I have to majorly clean out my sewing area and then I will start up soon, I think!!

I'll try to post more! Honest! And I'll do my best to make the posts about more than diapers, feeding, and the like - I promise - even if that's what my days are nowadays.