Friday, May 25, 2007

Reluctant Little Helpers

I have heard that there are some kids so eager to be just like mommy (or I guess daddy - but not at my house...) that they are right there to spray the windex or scrub the toilet. My kids, on the other hand, give me a polite, "No, thank you!" when I ask if they want to help mommy.

Yesterday, we bought the first corn cobs of the season - and I decided that my two non-helpers were going to be shucking the corn, and that was that! I sent them outside with vague instructions (peel the leaves and "hair off") and a wagon to hold the husks. There was quite a bit of whining to be heard drifting in the kitchen window - but after a time, husk-free corn cobs appeared in the kitchen! I was beaming with pride for them, and...I'm pretty sure they were proud of themselves, too :)

And hey, know who else I am proud of? My friend Sandi - something she made is in a magazine, and she has been interviewed on a quilting website! Check it out on her blog :)

Do you know who else I'm proud of? Why, me! I worked really hard on this new design for the BonBijou Girly launch. Check out my listing by clicking here.

I am going to try to make a second post today. *GASP* My friend Gyl has tagged me, and just like when I was a kid, I am proving to suck at this game - but I will try - I swear.


The Wooden Spool said...

Lovely blog! I just stumbled upon your gorgeous creations!!! :)

Sandi Henderson said...

Hey you! I keep checking back to see if you say anything on here, and voila, a new post. :) Thanks for the mention-I think you're awesome.


rhembein said...

Hee hee, you procrastinator! Lol!

Cute new designs and great job Syd! Wow!

I can't even send hubby outside and expect results and you got results from your kids!! Woo hoo!! :)