Wednesday, June 6, 2007

You have GOOD kids! Yes, YOU!

You know when you watch those Nanny shows (go to your NAUGHTY SPOT!), and the kids are such spitting, hitting, screaming monsters that you want to go and wake yours up from their peaceful slumber and hug them for being the perfect angels they are. Well, have I got a doozy for you.

My sister is a nanny, no, not THAT nanny. She started working for a new family with one son last week. By her own description, her 5 year old little charge is a handful - but yesterday, I called her to chat and caught her in a major crisis.

The little boy, just for kicks let's call him 'Damian', had a friend over for a playdate. They were playing in Damian's room all morning, and when they wanted lunch, my sister asked them to tidy the room first. My sister kept checking on them, and the room got worse and worse. The last time she checked on them, the room smelled distinctly like steaming fresh POOP. They both denied having an "accident", and when my sister finally got the story out of them, it went something like this:

Damian convinced his little friend that it would be fun for him to poop, and then (it gets a little fuzzy here) they could rub all of Damian's toys in it, or possibly it was that they could wipe his tush with the toys. Whichever the intention - my sister had to deal with the aftermath of legos filled with excrement! When I talked to her mid-crisis, she was about to lose it, and said she was going to quit, but last night, she had calmed down.

So go hug your great kids, who don't rub their toys in their friends poo, would ya? My sweet kids wouldn't either, and just for hoots, here's a beautiful picture of my two poo-free cherubs.


couture*4*my*cutie said...

LOL, "for kicks let's call him 'Damian'". What a little "stinker" that kid is! I love that pic of your beautiful daughters!


Ribbon Rock Star said...

OH MY....My kids are angels compared to that one.


rhembein said...

OMFG! I would die. I simply can not imagine! OMG!

Oh gross.

Oh man.



Tayasmama said...

*gasp*!!!! Oh my WORD! The one time Taya got into her diaper...well first off she was a baby, I got SO livid, I was not mad at HER but rather absolutely MORTIFIED that she was covered in poop! Eiw eiw Damian for sure LOL

Your kids really ARE angels. SO stinking adorable and well behaved, I'm sure they have their moments or days, but I really have never met kids as good as yours!!! You should be a proud Mama :)


TRACI said...

your girls look like ANGELS and are gorgeous but heavenly days I feel for your sister!!!! Im a teacher and have met some pretty "high maintentaince" kids but that just takes the cake. That kid would have been cleaning his own poop if it were me!!
What a story!!!