Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Four vs. One

I had an ultrasound yesterday (only 5 weeks late, oy) and was incredibly surprised to NOT see a little penis on the black and white screen! Another girl for us! I have been feeling girl vibes for the last few weeks, but was still hopeful for a boy. When the tech said it was a girl, I couldn't stop giggling :)

"Me and my three daughters." I have to admit I kind of like the sound of that!

My husband and I haven't even thought of girl names! He's asked his friends on Facebook for suggestions, so I'll ask you :)


Sandi Henderson said...

Oh congrats!! I so want another little girl. OK, well here are my top picks for a little girl if I have one.

Genevieve (call her Ginny or Gen)
Elora (following the "e" thing..)

uh..I'm not sure what else. I'll think some more!

P-Su said...

I like Alizah.......the 'A' version of Eliza. I also like Ava, Ana, Ayden, Alexah....mainly rare names from being a teacher. You always have your classroom kids to work around when it comes to naming your own kiddos.

Kristen said...

Ohhh...3 sisters! How cool!!

I so wish DD had a sister..

Girls names are so fun too -


i could go on and on!

Tayasmama said...

Congrats!!! How excitinggg!!!

Hmmm...Sydney and Fiona go together so well, maybe cause I have heard it one million times from a certain little schmoop lol. How about Delilah? Haha

Becky said...

Thanks! Those are great suggestions!

You know what Em - we are actaully talking about "Lilah" - not with a De in front of it, though :p


emily said...

how exciting! i am the mother to 3 little girls myself and i wouldn't change that for the world! it is so much fun . . . even with all the whining and screaming!!! congratulations!

rhembein said...

Guess Matt just makes girls eh?! Lol. I am picturing a gaggle of red-headed cuties!!! I am jealous!!! CUTE!!

Elouise (sp?)
... I could go on and on. I love names. I just have had past trouble naming my own! Lol.


Tayasmama said...

yessssssss, I was close LOL. I am just now getting the 4 vs 1 thing. Duhhhhhh. Lilah is a good one :)

CreativeOutletDesigns said...

congrats!!!!!! how fun to have a gaggle or gorgeous girls!