Friday, August 31, 2007

Friday Traditions

Happy Friday! For us that means pizza and movie night! All 4 of us just watched Cat in the Hat, the live action version. It was really bad. Thank goodness I had a weeks full of flyers to catch up on while it was on or else I would have gone crazy! And it had plenty of scenes I thought were not all too appropriate for my 2 and 4 year old!!

And right after I get this posted, the tradition continues. My hubby (sidetrack: of nearly six years! our anniversary is on Sunday!) and I are watching Wild Hogs and eating popcorn! And that will be the highlight of my day. Well, if you don't count the sale at the fabric store...I am so boring!!

I also wanted to quickly say that I've added another design to my Etsy portfolio. Like I promised, nothing too super fancy, but a delicious Amy Butler fabric and a great cut make these sweet flared pants a fall wardrobe staple. The listing includes a wide headband so that no matter what top is worn with the pants, the entire look will still be synchronized.

Take a look by clicking on the picture to the right, or click here to see my Etsy store.

Have a great long weekend!


emily said...

love the raspberry pants . . . so stinkin' cute!

Sandi Henderson said...

Oh sorry about the stinko movie, but Wild Hogs is HILARIOUS! Hopefully that made up for the first.


Becky said...

Thanks Emily! Yes, Sandi, it was SO FREAKING FUNNY!!

Erin said...

We love family movie nights too!!!

LOVE the pants and headband, beautiful color!!!