Monday, November 17, 2008

Late night musings...

Today was a H-E-L-L of a day with the girls. Actually, that's not true, the morning was so great! We played UNO, did some art, had a "Love Party" and I actually got two shelves of the fridge spic and span :) I even had a cup of tea. It was in my pyjamas, at 11:30, but who cares.

It was the afternoon that made me understand why people beat their children.

We drove home from school, and the baby - high off of only napping only 45 minutes ALL DAY LONG, was still not napping, but dancing to the music instead. We had to get a few groceries and I thought a quick drive would do the trick. When we got to the market, Lilah was asleep (VICTORY!) but then the two older monsters children flat out REFUSED to get out of the car.

What followed was much coaxing, threatening, and finally, a phone call to daddy. Which of course woke up the baby. Of course. So the three of us headed into the store, to my shame, baby chewing on an ages 3+ McDonald's toy. For about 4 minutes, it was bliss. The older girls even picked out some peppers for me. By the time we were kicked out left, they had cleared out the mandarin orange samples, and high on a fructose binge were both spewing pith left and right. The baby never did get back to sleep.

Dinner was a gong show, even thought it was delish - only Matt and I really partook. French onion pork chops, french fried potatoes and yams, salad and Scotch Baps. I guess the silver lining of today is that all three munchkins have been in bed since 7:10, and Matt had the foresight to buy me not only a bottle of red wine (to share of course) but a tiny bottle of my favorite cider. Thanks honey. Love you.

By the way, I did sew up a BEAUTIFUL reversible skirt on Saturday night. My sewing began with making a few large swaddling blankets for gifts, but once I got started I couldn't stop. Even though I went to bed at 1:00 AM, my mind was BUZZING until 3:00!! Hope to get it listed soon!

Let's see if I can't find a few pictures here to prove my kids are all still healthy and relatively happy, actually mostly alive after the post above.

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Audrey said...

:) I know the feeling--it's a rough thing being outnumbered in a grocery store! Good for you having them in bed by 7:30!