Friday, March 23, 2007

My house - by Sydney, age 4

The other day Sydney asked if she could take pictures with my camera. MY CAMERA. My baby, a Nikon D50, possibly the most expensive thing that is mine. My gut said no, but I couldn't turn her down. After I made sure she knew how to work it (on auto) and that she wasn't going to drop it - I let her go to town! She took about 50 shots, and some of them are so freaking pretty! These are the things that Sydney memorialized in our house:

I am dying to get her her very own camera, but I'm wrestling with the over-indulgence of that. I don't have to buy her a digital camera to be a good mom? Do I?


Sandi said...


She did an amazing job! You don't have to get her a camera to be a good mom, but I bet you would enjoy the memories it brings. :)

rhembein said...

OH COOL BECKY!! I have thought about getting one for mine to have, she so loves looking at photos!

I am a little chicken to let her touch, let alone USE, my camera. But you have inspired me... maybe.