Friday, April 6, 2007

My Husband, the Bad Ass

Granted, you may not have thought my husband Matt a bad ass had you met him yesterday morning. You see, yesterday, that 3 inch tattoo over on the right; that was on his shoulder. Yes, that is Barney Rubble on a Bedrock Tricycle Motorcycle (like that makes it tougher, Matt). He regrets getting it, but sadly can only claim he was young when he got it 11 years ago. Under the heavy influence of Miami Ink he decided to get it covered up.

Check him out, now. Isn't he the coolest Koi sporting dad you ever saw?

He loves his tattoo, and so do I. The detail on it is incredible, and it is just so striking! He says had to sit through three four hours of excruciating pain, and it was completely worth it. The tattoo was either going to be a mermaid, or a Koi, but once Matt learned about the legend of the Koi, that sealed the deal.

Now it's on to the care of the tattoo, which is much like that of a newborn baby:

Wash with Ivory soap 3-5 days per day.
Moisturize with unscented lotion frequently.
Make sure there isn't too much nasty brown stuff.
Do not expose to sun.

That last one made it more than a little difficult to enjoy today; the first day it actually felt like spring around here!

We had a glorious day, mostly outside; the park, the yard, the flowers, the smells. It was just an amazing day - one that makes you feel happy just by breathing. I managed to snag a few pictures of a new outfit I'm working on, so that made it great too! Check out Sydney's hard core tattoo, too ;) Just like Daddy!

Have a great Easter weekend!


Tayasmama said...

ROFL!!! OH MY WORD....that Barney one is worse than I pictured haha. It's an AWESOME tatoo....that bad ass Matt can really work a back-hoe eh? Tee hee hee


Bowznstuff said...

tee hee I kinda like Barney - very cool new one though :)

andrea said...

What an idea , Barney...
ROFL -perfect...
Happy easter

Anonymous said...

That is HOT!!!MMmmmmMmmmmm

Anonymous said...

That is HOT!!!MMmmmmMmmmmm

modkidboutique said...

Cool tat, Matt! (hey, that rhymes!)
I sort of liked Barney, but the KOI is way cool!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow! I love it! Very sexy!

Sandi said...

OH wow..very cool! I must say Becky, your hubby is a looker!


rhembein said...

Gosh - I agree with Em... Barney was not so sexy. But the Koi...

Lucky gal Becky!! ;)

Fledgling said...

Nice Ink. Very nice. Goes great with that nice manly scowl, too.

So, are we supposed to read into this tattoo that this is a man of worldly aspiration and strength of purpose, who has a beer-drinking, motorclycle-riding cave man at his core?

;-) -Nancy.

Anonymous said...

VERY COOL indeed!!! My dad raises koi...they are a beautiful creature! OH..and isn't Sydney's fun too!!

Nicole said...

That Tat is AWESOME!! I love the mean of it too. Tell Matt is looks great on him. :)


WGAS said...

Lovin the Koi Tat. Glad ole Barney was covered. ;)

Toni :D

Becky said...

He's not really that tough - you should see the other pictures - that would be good for eBay outtakes!

The luck of the Koi helped us out for sure!