Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Woohoo! Cat Pee!!

My sweet kitty Oscar is sick. He is 8 years old, and has been in perfect health his whole life - but after a few days of severe lethargy, we took him to the vet Sunday afternoon. She hospitalized him because of his sever dehydration and ran a slew of tests on him, none of which revealed much about what was making him sick.

We decided to bring him home last night. We are feeding him with a syringe and giving him oral antibiotics, which explains his dirty mouth in the picture. Last night was rough, I prepared myself for the worst. Cried myself to sleep for the first time in years.

But this morning, Matt woke me up because Oscar had hopped into bed with us and was purring on my pillow. I fed him by syringe this morning, and he took about 30 mL. But the BIG news is that I just took him to his litter box, and he had a big pee! The first one since he came home, which is GREAT! Then he went to his food dish and ate some of his dry food!

I have to believe there's hope for him to recover or else I'll become a blubbering mess.

At least I have TV to distract me now. Remember this post? Well, we're weak. Thanks to a new satellite on the roof, we have about a billion more channels than before - which ain't so good. But I did watch American Idol at 5:00 last night!!

I'm also working really hard on my custom orders right now. I have a beautiful new design up on eBay right now, too. Take a look here.


Me said...

He's so sweet! I feel your pain. I have two cats, and they are my first babies. Wishing him a speedy recovery!

Becky said...

Thank you! We're trying beta-blockers now, and diuretics to get rid of all the fluid. Through this he has lost a lot of weight, so he is on a very high fat diet, and seems to be gaining back his attitude.


Crystal said...

You have been TAGGED hehe come by my blog to see why :)


jemima bean said...

Aw, poor kitty. My kitties are members of the family so I completely sympathize! I hope he gets better & better!

rhembein said...

Oh Becky! Hugs!

How is Oscar doing?