Thursday, April 12, 2007

Can we live without TV?

This sucks!!

Officially, we never ordered cable at this house when we moved in last December. We weren't going to order it - but when we hooked our TV up, lo and behold, FULL CABLE! But last night when I turned the TV on at 8:00 to watch Lost, it was a black screen! I frantically flipped through channels, and just about cried when I realized there were no network channels. We get a few really random channels, but nothing worthwhile. I didn't get to watch Lost, and my husband was really ticked he didn't get to watch the first Canucks playoff game! WAH.

We aren't a major TV watching family. Us grown-ups have a repertoire of about 5 shows we like to watch, the rest of the evening is spent doing other things. The kids watch 2 shows on CBC in the morning: Lunar Jim and Curious George. The kids LOVE these guys, we even went to see them when they came here live! Then the TV is off all day. But those 2 shows in the morning are pretty freaking important! That's when I check my email, read blogs, have a shower, drink coffee, basically become human. They are watching Barney right now on a random channel, which has me almost ready to crack.

We can't call the cable company to ask what's going on, because we don't officially have cable! So now we need to ask ourselves whether or not we want to order it. The proverbial shoulder sitters are having an argument:

NO: TV doesn't enrich my life - it's a time sucker.
YES: I really love my shows! I deserve some down time and to enjoy adult shows!
NO: Set a good example for the kids.
YES: TV can be educational.
NO: It's an extra $50 a month, where is that going to come from?
YES: Got me there...

I'm thinking it's going to be no. Spring is here after all (even though it's bloody hard to tell) and we can be accomplishing so much more. I know I will get way more sewing done if I don't have the TV to distract me. I still have the internet anyhow.
SIGH* I guess it's a done deal.
Even though it's hard, I'm still hanging tough in Use What You Have month, and will be participating in the eBay launch on April 30. 
I'm also restocking my Blossom Street Shoppe tonight - hopefully I'll have some separates I'm working on up there - they are soooo cool, I can't wait to share them.
I've thrown some spring pictures of my kiddos in this post, just for my own encouragement, bear them please.


rhembein said...

Barney drives me BONKERS!

We have no tv... but my vote would be for TV. But I am biased. :)

We had random channels at the last place because of the antenna up in the roof. But at least we had those. I would be happy with those now. I bet you will to. :)


Tayasmama said...

Luckyyyyyyy. I kinda wish I didn't have TV. I have recently gotten myself unhooked from any daytime soaps and CSI's, but Grays Anatomy and Desperate Housewives are on the bill and I don't see them going anwhere. It is nice in the off season though when you don't have to panick about getting home in time and stuff LOL.

The kids are adorable as always!!!

Kristen said...

OMG- we have the same routine here in the youngest is OBSESSED with curious george & i is the only time during the day I get an uninterrupted moment (in fact it is on right now) ... we have no cable here but DO get the 5 major networks, where in Canada are you?

Kristen ~ gock's frocks

Anonymous said...

I know I can't live without my Grey's Anatomy and my Friday Night Lights (can we say Yummy Kyle Chandler?).

But, $50 is $50. Eeek - such a quandry!

Marvellous Mouse Designs

Em_bellish said...

I don't watch much tv at all, only at's my down time, and even then it's only one show. :)
With the Stanley cup play-offs going on, I think we have seen every hockey game that has been played!

Becky said...

The vote ended up being FOR TV. We're pretty weak around here...we lasted 4 days.