Tuesday, July 3, 2007

So...how have you been?

Me, you ask? I've been busy - but am starting to relax now. This past weekend was a holiday weekend in Canada (Happy Canada Day!) and, more importantly, my younger sister's wedding weekend extravaganza!

Nicole and her newly minted husband Jake celebrated all weekend at his family's beach house in Qualicum Beach, BC. Friday night was the rehearsal and luau, Saturday was the wedding, and Sunday was the brunch and gift opening. The wedding was so lovely, Nicole was just gorgeous, all in all a perfect (if uber-busy) weekend. My girls were the flower girls, and I was a bridesmaid (that's me on the far left over there) and a cake mistress.

I made an almond-lemon cake with cream cheese frosting, and no I won't make you one :) There is no joy in making wedding cakes for me, I only do it for those I truly love, so if I've made one for you, then my feelings are clear!

Enjoy the pictures, and look forward to lots more posting now that my time is my own again!


Jennifer Zaruk said...

your girls are so adorable - Can we see pictures of them as flower girls??

willarie said...

Becky - It looks like a gorgeous wedding, and that cake is amazing! Thanks for sharing some pictures with us :).


Chelsea said...

That looks like it's right out of a fairytale!

So Beautiful:)


Bowznstuff said...

oh my goodness, bridesmaid, mother of flower girls and cake maker - any one of those would be enough to send any sane woman to the brink!!! I salute you!

The Wooden Spool said...

Gorgeousness HERE! Hey, I've been to Parksville, BC!!!!!!!! So pretty on the Island! Hubby used to live in Nanaimo! Small world. ;)

teri said...

looks like such a wonderful wedding, becky!!! thanks for sharing!